The Ashy Mining Bee

Beebombs have a mission, a mission to re-create Britain's lost wild habitat and #bringthebeesback. Today we take a look at the Ashy Mining Bee, a remarkable little pollinating pal, evolved to fit perfectly into it's natural environment. 

Long Horned Bee (Male) Photo by Kathy Keatley Garvey

Common Name: Ashy Mining bee

Latin Name: Andrena cineraria

Information:  The beautiful Ashy Mining Bee is particularly well named. It's grey colouring is suited to it's favoured sandy environments and is particularly striking. It is a ground nester and will nest in large groups within soil and lawns, making it a really good bee spotters target. On wing from March to June this particular species is generally doing well and can be found throughout the country.  


Female Long Horned Bee

Concern Level: Low

Distribution: Throughout the UK and Ireland

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