Papaver rhoeas

Common Name: Common Poppy

Latin Name: Papaver rhoeas

Ultimate Height: 0.1 - 0.5 meters

Flower Colour: Deep Red

Type: Annual

Soil: Loam, Chalk, Clay, Alkaline, Neutral PH

History, uses and notes:

Iconic and emotive, the poppy is the most recognisable of all our wildflowers.


The Poppy's resilience allowed it to grown amongst the devastation of the WW1 battlefields and inspired Lt Col John McCrae, a Canadian Doctor mourning the loss of his friend to write the powerful poem In Flanders Fields'.


The Poppy was then taken up as the emblem of the Royal British Legion on it's formation in 1921 and is manufactured and sold every year on November 11th to raise money for injured servicemen and the families of the fallen. 


As an annual in your garden, the poppy will flower within the first year, depending on when it's sown. It's on the Royal Horticultural Society's list as 'Perfect for Pollinators and will help #bringthebeesback 

Ben DavidsonDorset, General, general