Centaurea cyanus

Common Name: Cornflower

Latin Name: Centaurea cyanus

Ultimate Height: 0.5- 1 meters

Flower Colour: Blue

Type: Annual

Soil: Loam, Sand, Alkaline, Neutral PH

History, uses and notes:

Now endangered in the UK, the Cornflower has been in Britain since the Iron Age. It's distribution has declined from 264 sites to just 3 in the last 50 years and it's story is indicative of that of our pollinators.

Once considered a weed that grew around fields of corn, it was almost eradicated by industrial agriculture techniques. 

Making a small comeback as an ornamental flower in private gardens, the cornflower may be saved by it's inherent beauty. 

As an annual in your garden, the Cornflower will flower within the first year, depending on when it's sown. It's on the Royal Horticultural Society's list as 'Perfect for Pollinators and will help #bringthebeesback