The New Year Plant Hunt

Image belongs to BSBI

Image belongs to BSBI

To participate, you just need to head out between 30th December and the 2nd of Jan for a 3 hour walk in your chosen area. It doesn't have to be any particular type of environment and you just need to record each species that you see in flower. The BSBI will help with recognition if required and will collate all the responses into an interactive map. They have much more info and details of how to submit your results online here. They have an app for recording your sightings as well. 

My New Year Plant Hunt in Dorset

I'll be staying in Langton Matravers, on the Purbecks, over the New Year. It's a place I know and love and thought it'd be a great area to complete the #newyearplanthunt. I plan to head out from the Spyway Car Park in Langton at 9am on the 31st December, following the route in the map below / on the right, depending on your device. 

Please tweet me via @beebombsdorset or email if you wish to meet up.

They'll be beer to be had in the Square and Compass toward the end of the route. 

Happy Christmas and New Year to everyone and here's to bringing the bees back in 2018!

The New Plant Hunt is a project started and promoted by the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland.

Now in it's seventh year, the New Year Plant Hunt, has become a great British Citizen science event and is helping to build up a picture of the range of wildflowers in the UK. 

Every year, thousands of ordinary wildlife lovers head out over the New Year break to find and record flowering wildflowers in the locality. It's a fun and healthy way to get involved in helping this great organisation and all the professionals that link to and use their data to help #bringthebeesback. 

Starting in the Spyway Car Park in Langton Matravers - BH19 3HG. 12pm on the 31st December - 

Starting in the Spyway Car Park in Langton Matravers - BH19 3HG. 12pm on the 31st December - 

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