Wild Carrot


Wild Carrot

Daucus carota

Common Name: Wild Carrot

Latin Name: Daucus carota

Ultimate Height: 60 cms

Flower Colour: White and Red

Type: Biennial

Soil: Loam, Sand, Neutral PH

Notes on our wildflower friend:

Bearing some resemblance to poison hemlock, which can make eating it a little risky. Wild Carrot earns it's name by its root's earthy similarity to the taste of our orange friends. 

Sometimes called 'Queen Anne's Lace', thought to originate from Queen Anne's reighn (1655-1714) and a reference to the red spot in the centre of the bloom being the Queen, with the surrounding white petals being her lace collar. 

Flowering from June to September and beloved by our pollinating friends, Wild Carrot will help bring #bringthebeesback