Salad Burnet

Salad Burnet.jpg

Salad Burnet

Sanguisorba minor

Common Name: Salad Burnet

Latin Name: Sanguisorba minor

Ultimate Height: 1 meter

Flower Colour: Red

Type: Perennial

Soil: Clay, Loam, Sand, Chalk, Alkaline, Neutral PH

History, uses and notes:

Salad Burnet is, as it's name suggests, a big favourite for those that like cooking with local, indigenous herbs. 

As well as providing food for humansSalad Burnet hosts the Grizzled Skipper as a breeding butterfly, which will lay its eggs on the plant.

It is also on the RHS list as 'Perfect for Pollinators' and will help us all #bringbackthebees