Rough Hawkbit

Rough Hawkbit.jpg

Rough Hawkbit

Leontodon hispidus

Common Name: Rough Hawkbit

Latin Name: Leontodon hispidus

Ultimate Height: 50 cms

Flower Colour: Yellow

Type: Perennial

Soil: Loam, Sand, Chalk, Akaline, Neutral PH

History, uses and notes:

The myriad of yellow, dandelion type flowers can be difficult to distinguish and Rough Hawkbit is a short hairy stemmed pollinator with a slight bulb at the top of the stem.

All the hawkweed types smell strongly and sweetly of honey when expanded in the full sunshine. Rough Hawkbit is a liitle bit of a slow grower and can get outdone in very good soil, with a lot of competition. 

Flowering from June, right through to early autumn, Rough Hawkbit will help bring #bringthebeesback