Corn Marigold

Corn Marigold 2.jpg

Corn Marigold

Glebionis segetum

Common Name: Corn Marigold

Latin Name: Glebionis segetum

Ultimate Height: 0.5 - 1 meter

Flower Colour: Yellow

 Type: Annual

Soil: Loam, Chalk, Clay, Sand, Acid, Neutral PH

History, uses and notes:

Providing a dramatic flash of yellow to any wildflower garden, the Corn Marigold is a hardy annual that may flower in the first year. Historiacally native to the UK, it was probably introduced right back with agriculture and has certainly been found in the UK since the Iron age. 

The Marigold provides a beautiful yellow flower from June to October

It can be found on the RHS list as 'Perfect for Pollinators' and will help us #bringbackthebees