Giving the gift of a wildflower meadow

Finding gifts is hard.  We live in a throwaway society and in this commercial, consumer world, gift giving can feel like a short lived thrill. So many cupboards are filled with so many well intentioned ideas or last minute grabs. 

Here at Beeboombs we have one simple and un-waivable aim. We want to #bringthebeesback and cover the UK in as much wildflower habitat as we can. To do that, we need your help. 

People generally have everything that they really need and it comes down to imagination and research to find a good gift for someone that means a lot to you. 

We all want to be the person who gives interesting presents at Christmas but finding something that is original, will genuinely give joy over a long period and will do some good for the world is always difficult. 

With Beebombs you can give your loved ones a present that will give joy for many years to come, giving happiness all year, blooming and buzzing in the summer as you and your loved ones enjoy your wildflowers with the knowledge that you have personally helped make the future a little better. 



Ben Davidson