Bringing back the wildflower meadows of Britain.

Beebombs are on a mission. With one major goal. 

We talk a lot about bees. Their decline is alarming, well publicised now and critical to Britain's Bio-diversity and food security. Bringing the bees back is important to all of us and something we are very passionate about here at Beebomb lab.

Increasing bee populations can in some ways be seen as a by-product of our main, underlying aim though - to redress the 97% loss of wildflower habitat Britain has suffered since WW2. 

97%. Ninety seven percent.

It's an incredible number and the reason behind the decline of much of Britain's native wildlife species. It's telling that wildflower habitat is often referred to as 'unimproved land'. I guess they mean its a space or area the council hasn't had chance to pave or farmers are unable to cultivate. We'd like to turn that around, to us, wildflowers improve the land and the native species they support are vital to all of us. 

Bee decline and how we can help.jpg

We have seen increasing urbanisation in the UK and at the same time as farming techniques have become more efficient and more destructive, wildflower habitat has decreased exponentially. More and more of our land is 'managed' in some way and this is having a serious effect on many of our most iconic species such as the ladybird and Honeybee. 

With your help, we are starting to put some it back. In gardens, spare spaces, tubs and wasteland, the Great British public is fixing our land by growing wildflowers and as these new areas of vital habitat connect with each other, giving our wildlife forage corridors and the nesting material they need, we can bring the bees, the butterflies, the beetles and birds all back to Britain. 

Since beginning our project in November 2017 we have produced and distributed enough Beebombs to re-create nearly 17000 square foot of wildflower habitat. Its a great start but we've got a long way to go. 

2018 is going to be a really exciting year for us and hopefully for all pollinators. Thank you for helping to #bringthebeesback

Ben Davidsonnews